About us

NDUSTRIAL R. FERRER SL is manufacturer and distributor of wiping rags and cottons at national level for over 25 years.

At the request of our customers, we amplified our range of products, absorbents, fabrics waste, collect to laundries, without reducing the quality and the specialization in the cleaning rags, as well as modernization in the packing.

We deliver our packages without paperboards nor strings, pressed in plastic bags, therefore the weight of the rag or cotton is the net weight.

We introduced the cartonbox, very appreciated on the European market.

Our customers prefer a service personalized with solutions to their needs.

Contact us and tell us your situation.

Our prices are competitive and variable according to the quantity and the quality of the product.

Big bales

Big bales

The big bales weigh usually 200/300kg, ideal for the loading of containers